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01 Economy Models
01 Economy Models

03 Designer Models
03 Designer Models

02 Premium Models
02 Premium Models

Terrace Doors
Terrace Doors


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Terrace Safety Doors , Security Door Designs in Pune

We have displayed 8 models of Entrance Safety Doors. 2 of Economy series, 2 of Premium series 4 of Designer series & 1  Terrace Safety door 3 door model as a Live Demo at our showroom named "Living Concepts & Services" at Warje, Pune.
 Terrace Door Design ( Only one pattern is available )
 safety door designrSafety Door Design for terraces
3 DOOR MODEL 1 Left & 2 on Right open view
3 DOOR MODEL 2 on Left & 1 on Right closed view
safety door designerQuality Safety Door Designs
3 DOOR MODEL closed view 1 Left & 2 on Right 
3 DOOR MODEL 1 Left opened & 2 on Right 
safety door designer Punesafety door designer

   2 Door Model size 5ft x 7ft ,1on Right side open                    2 Door Model  size 7ft x 7ft with 1 Left & 1 on Right.

Note:- We have only one design in terrace safety door which is designed in such a manner that it will be very easy to clean and minimum maintenance as well as most secure. Besides we have designed it in such a way that maximum ventilation & light will come inside the rooms and also gives you a French Door Look from inside. We do not manufacture any type of ornamental designs
Sr. No
 Size Model Door Price
 Transport + Fitting Charges
 Total Price
16ft X 7ft2 Door Model24500/-
1200* ask + 800
6ft X 7ft
3 Door Model25500/-1200* ask + 800
7ft X 7ft
2 Door Model
25500/-1200* ask + 800
 7ft X 7ft3 Door Model
27000/-1200* ask + 800
8ft X 7ft
2 Door Model
27500/-1200* ask + 800
8ft X 7ft3 Door Model
1200* ask + 1000 
8ft X 7ft
4 Door Model
1200* ask + 1000
9ft X 7ft3 Door Model
1200* ask + 1000
 9ft X 7ft4 Door Model
1200* ask + 1000
 7ft X 3ft Entrance Safety Door
Model wise + Latch options +Other options
Rs.100/- per KM
= Effective Price
     *indicates transport & fitting
 charges. Refer step 1 below.

 V I P Instructions & Conditions:-


  1. In above table the transport & fitting charges are given as example for WAKAD Area & it is not fixed for all areas in pune. Minium it is 800/- and Maximum it will be depend on the distance from Warje to Your place.
  2. All rates are effective from 01 Jan 2017. (Subject to change, refer step 6).
  3. No other design is possible except our this approved design.
  4. Mosquito net will not be provided in this door as light & air will come very less. 
  5. Doors will be provided into Powder coating only & without Latch with 2 Aldrops.
  6. Rate will vary according to market steel price & if height is more than 86” & width 75”.
  7. Customers are requested to book the order first by paying Rs 1000/- at our showroom (address given at top) or online transfer in case not to come at our showroom. pls call 9823165453 for online details.
  8. Visit, Measurements and Finalization of the order is only possible after booking and if order is not finalized after telling all information about door at your site then this amount is not refundable. This amount will be considered as visiting & consulting charges.
  9. * Indicates direct installation of the door without 1.5” projection from your wall. (If aluminum sliding is provided at outer face of the wall then 40mm X 5mm MS Flat has to be used to take the projection so that glass doors will not touch to iron door while sliding.) If this projection is needed it will cost you extra Rs. 800/-for 7ft height.
  10. Delivery period will be 20 to 40 days as per workload and total no. of doors finalized.
  11. Round about 70% advance in case of terrace door & balance at the time of installation.
  12. 70% amount will be accepted by cash or cheque(recommended) by name “Living Concepts” and remaining amount by cash only.
  13. Other than BLACK color powder coating will cost extra depending on the color.
  14. Installation from fifth floor till last floor will be charged extra Rs.100/- per floor as it takes a lot of time to come up on that particular floor if doors are not allowed into the lift or unavailability of service (stretcher) lift.
  15. If any doubts please concern with our company proprietor Mr. Amol Junnarkar between 9.30am to 11am and 5.30pm to 8.30pm except Monday. Weekly Off  Monday.
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